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Książka filozofa Erica Voegelina pt. „AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL REFLECTIONS”.

Opracowała i opatrzyła wstępem Ellis Sandoz.

Książka w języku angielskim.

Nota wydawnicza:

„Autobiographical Reflections” is a window into the mind of a man whose reassessment of the nature of history and thought has overturned traditional approaches to, and appraisals of, the Western intellectual tradition. Here we encounter the motivations for Voegelin’s work, the stages in the development of his unique philosophy of consciousness, his key intellectual breakthroughs, his theory of history, and his diagnosis of the political ills of the modern age.

„We are indeed fortunate that one of the twentieth century’s authentic titans in philosophy and history thought to set down his autobiographi-cal reflections before his passing. It is hard to imagine a more lustrous and also engrossing memoir.” — Robert Nisbet

„A valuable introduction for any student of Voegelin, being, as it is, nothing less than Voegelin’s own account of the intellectual influences that went into the making of his great work, Order and History. We are indebted to Ellis Sandoz.”  — Walker Percy

ERIC VOEGELIN (1901-1985) published some fifteen books and more than one hundred articles. A member of the faculty of Louisiana State University for sixteen years and one of the original Boyd Professors there, Voegelin taught at a number of other universities, including the University of Vienna, Harvard University, the University of Munich, and the Hoover Institution of Stanford University, where he was the Salvatori Distinguished Scholar.

ELLIS SANDOZ is professor of political science at Louisiana State University and director of the Eric Voegelin Institute for American Renais-sance Studies. He is the author of The Voegelinian Revolution: A Biographical Introduction and A Government of Laws: Political Theory, Religion, and the American Founding as well as a member of the editorial board that oversees the publication of The Collected Works of Eric Voegelin.

Format 14×21,5 cm, stron 131, miękka okładka.

Stan bardzo dobry (znikome otarcia okładki).

ISBN: 0807120766

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