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Praca naukowa Emile A. Nakleh „The West Bank and Gaza. Toward the making of a Palestinian State”.

Spis treści:
  • FOREWORD Robert J. Pranger
  • 1. INTRODUCTION. Scope and Method 1 Basic Assumptions 4 Issues and Problems 5
  • 2. MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENTS. Administration and Authority: The West Bank 10 Administration and Authority: Gaza 15 Problems and Prospects 17
  • 3. SOCIAL SERVICE INSTITUTIONS. UNRWA’s Services in the West Bank and Gaza 26 Nonindigenous Societies and Their Services 29 Indigenous Societies in the West Bank and Gaza 30 In ash al-’Usra Society (al-Bireh) 35 The Red Crescent Society (Gaza) 37 Problems and Prospects 39
  • 4. SPECIFIC ISSUES AND RECOMMENDATIONS. Population 44 The Land and the Settlements 47 Israel’s Arabs 52 Education 54 Agriculture and Economic Development 58
Nota wydawnicza:

The West Bank and Gaza: Toward the Making of a Palestinian State, by Emile A. Nakhleh, examines the municipal and social institutions in the West Bank and Gaza, the services these institutions provide, and the role they will play in a postoccupation transitional regime. These institutions are seen as capable of dealing with many issues that are essentially nonpolitical, including population relocation, housing, municipal authority, health, education, welfare services, agriculture, and public services.

During the field research for this study, the author interviewed representatives of West Bank and Gaza political and social elites. He concluded that the cooperation of Palestinian leaders is essential to any transitional regime, and to obtain this cooperation two fundamental conditions must be met: termination of the Israeli military occupation and clear recognition by the powers involved of the ultimate right of the Palestinians to self-determination.

Emile A. Nakhleh is professor of political science and chairperson of the department of history and political science at Mount St. Mary’s College, Emmitsburg, Maryland. In 1977 he taught at Birzeit University in the West Bank.

Format 15×23 cm, stron 108, 3 cz- b mapy, miękka okładka.

Stan dobry (otarcia okładki, częściowo nieczytelna pieczątka na stronie tytułowej).

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